Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with Us!

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with Us!

In Hearing Loss by Gold Canyon Hearing

Hearing aid technology is rapidly changing, and you might be surprised how far these devices have come. Not only do the latest hearing aids offer better audio quality and facilitate communication, but they also connect with your smartphone to provide easy controls and to sync with other forms of audio, such as music, notifications, phone calls, videos, and more. With these possibilities newly available, a competing trend is in effect. Some big box stores and online services are offering one-size-fits-all models of hearing aids that are marketed as if they are effective for all needs. In fact, these devices can be inadequate to help with communication, and in the worst cases they can even do further damage to hearing. Though you might be tempted to go for these basic options, our professional services are far more equipped to meet your hearing needs. 

One-on-One Service

Our professionals are experts at providing the one-on-one hearing health care you need. This type of service does not only make the process more enjoyable and supportive, but it has practical benefits for your treatment and hearing ability. We perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam that identifies the sounds that are most difficult for you to hear. We also have a consultation with you about the situations that make communication difficult or situations you have noticed when hearing is challenging. With this quantitative and qualitative information in hand, we can recommend the right hearing aids for your needs. By offering hearing aids that are tailored to you, we can ensure that these aids are not doing any additional harm. Many of the hearing aids that you can find over the counter in online or big box settings simply raise the volume on the world. By doing so, they can actually produce sound that is too loud in the frequencies you can already hear. When that sound is blasted into your ears, it can cause additional hearing loss. Our professionals can connect you with aids that are safe and that enhance your listening experience rather than pose an additional risk.

Fitting and Training 

When you receive your aids, our experts will take time to make sure that you get the right fit for the curvature of your individual ears. This fitting is crucial to prevent occlusion—that muffling sound of a clogged ear—or a loose fit that allows too much background noise from the environment. In addition to a personalized fitting, we offer training services to make sure you know how to take advantage of all the features available on your aids. Some people prefer to use their aids for only the basic function, and we are glad to make the process as easy as possible for you. However, some people are keen to explore the many other features that are available. These features can include Bluetooth connectivity, making it possible to sync media and send audio from your devices directly to your aids. Not only can you make phone calls and receive notifications from your phone, but you can even listen to music, videos, audiobooks, and podcasts directly on these aids. Our training services can make sure that you are taking advantage of any of the features you desire, making your listening experience the best it can be. 

Experienced Professionals

When issues come up with your hearing or your devices, you will want to know you are in the right hands. Our experts have developed experience with a wide range of issues. Of course, we understand how to diagnose and treat hearing loss, but we are also familiar with the issues that might come along, including battery life, technical malfunctions, and repair needs. If anything goes wrong with your aids, you will want to know that you can count on us to help you find the right solution. With these many benefits of our services in mind, why not make your appointment today? We will begin with a full diagnosis, giving you the peace of mind that your hearing health is in capable hands. Our caring professionals will also guide you through the process with personalized support, so that you won’t need to worry at all about your quality of care.