What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Scheduling an appointment for a hearing test is a major step in prioritizing your hearing health!

You may feel a little anxious or nervous about the process but we are here to remind you that it is noninvasive and relatively simple! Hearing tests are used to measure hearing capacity in both ears which identifies any impairment, the specific type of hearing loss you are experiencing, and the degree. This establishes your specific hearing needs, informing the most effective treatment option to meet those needs. By knowing what to expect from your appointment, you can feel best prepared and at ease! The hearing test process is painless and involves the following steps:

Hearing Center

Collecting Intake Information

Similar to most health-related appointments, your hearing consultation will start with completing intake information and discussing your hearing health concerns. General intake information typically consists of questions about your medical history, genetic history, lifestyle factors etc. You should expect questions about any medications, medical conditions, illnesses, injuries you may be experiencing. Additional questions can include your profession, engagement with exercise, social activities you participate in etc. This information is important and relevant because these factors can shape your hearing health and inform which treatment options would be most suitable for you.

Ear Examination

The next step after providing and discussing your intake information is a physical inspection of your ears. Our hearing healthcare expert will take a closer look at your ears using an otoscope which is a medical instrument used to inspect the ears. They will take a look at your outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum which are critical components of how sound is absorbed and processed. This allows them to evaluate the ears for any injuries, growths, infections, and/or wax accumulation. These factors could block sound from easily traveling through the ear, contributing to hearing loss. If necessary, our hearing healthcare specialist will remove any wax.

Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Now onto the main part of the appointment: the hearing tests! Using the latest technology, our expertise, and experience; we will guide you through the hearing test process. We conduct hearing tests in our own sound booth which blocks out any outside noise and potential distractions. You will wear headphones that are connected to an audiometer, a machine used to facilitate the test. You will be guided through sounds and speech, played at different volumes and frequencies. This will happen one ear at a time and you will be asked to respond to what you can hear by pressing a button which indicates that you have heard the sound. This process will identify the quietest sound you can hear and also the sounds you experience more difficulty hearing.

Reviewing Results

After the hearing test is completed, our hearing healthcare professional will thoroughly review your results with you. Your results will be captured on an audiogram, a chart that visually illustrates the sounds you are able to hear and process in addition to the more challenging sounds for your hearing. If hearing loss is identified, there will be a discussion of next steps and treatment options. Using the information collected during the intake process as well as the results from your hearing test, the hearing specialist is able to establish your hearing health profile and make effective recommendations. This appointment is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about your hearing loss and what your exact needs are.

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