Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

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Do you suspect that you may have a hearing loss? Hearing loss often goes undiagnosed for years before someone is aware. However, the sooner you diagnose and address the issue, the better. If you suspect you may need hearing aids but feel overwhelmed by all the choices, we are here to help.

So Many Options!

Undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to communication issues which can lead to feelings of isolation, chronic depression, and cognitive decline. It is a good practice to take an annual hearing exam. We can test your hearing and help you find the best treatment for your hearing needs. 

The most common treatment is the use of hearing aids. However, of those who know they could benefit from hearing aids, only 30 percent use them! We suspect that this may be due to feelings of being overwhelmed with so many options. 

However, when you schedule an appointment with us, we ask you questions to learn more about you, your lifestyle, your hearing needs, and what hearing aids would most likely work best for you. 

Schedule an Appointment

While this sounds simple, it may be harder than it seems for many! Stigma and denial keep people from taking the leap towards seeking hearing treatment. However, as hearing health professionals, we know the importance of dealing with your hearing loss and know the ins and outs of all the options out there. We can help you balance all the needs you are looking for in hearing aids, such as style, functionality, power, special features, and price point. We have experience across a diverse client base which allows us to help you choose the best solutions for your situation.

Understanding Different Hearing Aid Styles

Part of the issue is there are so many options out there for hearing aids these days. It can feel intimidating to attempt to choose just the right one – especially when your hearing health relies on it. Hearing aids today come in a wide range of styles and functionality which are different for different people. Some hearing aids are designed to have more power, while others are designed to be more discreet. Some might be better for musicians while others may suit athletes. Understanding your available options is an excellent starting place. When you visit us, you will already have an idea of the different types of hearing aids, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Take Them for a Test Run

Your hearing aids ideally will be worn from the time you get out of bed till you rest, only to be taken out when bathing, swimming, or resting. This means you will be spending a lot of time with these tiny devices. It’s another reason that choosing hearing aids can be so daunting. The good news is that we offer free trials of hearing aids. They usually last around a week and allow you to test out different hearing aids and be sure they work for you – before making the huge investment. You may be sure in-store that you want a discrete and tiny model, only to find that the controls are too delicate or that the amplification of sound of a particular model, just isn’t right. A trial run can help you feel confident that you are making the right choice.

The Best Devices for You

When you visit our office, we will go over your options and based on your hearing exam, help you choose devices that are the best fit for your hearing needs. This gives you an enhanced listening experience, which will help you reconnect with the sounds of your life. The first step is to call and schedule an appointment for a hearing test! We can help you navigate all your hearing needs and improve your quality of life. Contact us today!