At Gold Canyon Hearing we provide comprehensive hearing health services that prioritize individual care and needs.

Hearing Test

Hearing Tests

Transforming hearing health begins with a hearing test. This noninvasive process identifies the specific type of hearing loss you could be experiencing. Bringing a loved one to this appointment is a useful way to feel supported through the important information you will be receiving. You can expect the following from this appointment:

What to expect at a hearing test
Hearing Device Fitting

Hearing Device Fitting

After choosing the hearing devices you are interested in, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for a fitting. This provides us the time to customize and order the device that is most suitable for you. During the fitting appointment, we program your device so that the settings meet your specific needs and hearing preferences. We also teach you how to use your new hearing aid and properly maintain and care for the device. Depending on the features you choose, we will show you how to maximize the technologies (like Bluetooth connectivity).

We believe in a comprehensive treatment plan that includes weekly appointments for the first month to ensure that your new hearing aids are performing at the best possible level for your needs.

Your ears and brain need time to relearn how to process incoming sound information with the support of this new device. After observing your hearing in different environments, we want to hear your feedback and apply any necessary adjustments.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Another important service we provide is hearing aid repairs. Hearing aids are durable devices that should be worn daily. This can impact wear and tear and could need minor repairs. We can perform these repairs in-house to ensure that your device is working optimally! Common repairs include:

  • Repairing the battery door if it is not closing
  • Replacing the earmold tubing
  • Replacing receiver wires
  • Cleaning your hearing aids, replacing domes and wax guards

Hearing aids are incredibly important to daily life so be sure to contact us for any issues or repairs that you need.



Tinnitus describes a buzzing or ringing-like noise in one or both ears. It is a common underlying symptom of hearing loss. It can be severe enough to disrupt daily life and impact sleep. By centering on your hearing health, identifying needs, and establishing solutions, we are able to provide ways to alleviate tinnitus and its impact.

VA Services

VA Services

Hearing loss and tinnitus are the two biggest medical problems facing returning veterans. We are proud to support our returning service members by honoring VA benefits for hearing loss and tinnitus treatment, thanks to the MISSION Act of 2018.

Under the MISSION Act, sometimes called “VA Community Care,” we can administer a hearing test that will determine whether you are eligible for free or reduced-cost hearing aids under the current criteria set by the VA. You may also be eligible for VA disability payments based on tinnitus, hearing loss, or auditory processing disorder (“hidden hearing loss”). Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection

Environmental exposure to loud noise is a major cause of hearing loss. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, 22 million people are exposed to hazardous noise levels in the workplace. Additionally, millions of people are at an increased risk of impaired hearing caused by personal audio devices. It is critical to protect your hearing and a great way to do that is through the custom hearing protection we provide. We are able to take a custom mold of your ear and create custom made ear plugs that provide excellent protection from external noise. We also have other types of hearing protection that offer effective support and protection!

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Hearing Devices

These types of devices are different from hearing aids but provide additional amplification which can be useful in noisy environments. There are various types of assistive listening devices (ALDs) that are designed to strengthen sound, making it easier to hear in more challenging contexts. ALDs include Bluetooth remote microphones, hearing loops, and amplified phones. We carry a range of ALDs and can help you navigate these options and what would work best for your particular lifestyle. To learn more about assistive listening devices visit us in Gold Canyon, AZ.

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