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How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

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Our relationships require attention and effort to stay healthy. Just like our physical lives, our social and emotional lives need certain things to remain strong and vital. Although we might know this principle in the abstract, many of us take our closest relationships for granted. Rather than putting the most effort into our nearest and dearest relationships, we might even tend to neglect those who are closest to us, such as family members and dear friends. When you are thinking about how to maintain healthy relationships, you certainly have heard the common emphasis on “good communication.” 


Indeed, communicating with others is the best way to form bonds of trust and love. We need to know that others will be there for us when we need them, and that trust is built through communication. We also need to know that we are loved. Although a wide range of actions can be used to show love, communication is a primary way to show how we feel. One factor can get in the way of building trust and love in your relationships: untreated hearing loss. 


Without intending any harm, we can find that our relationships suffer when communication is impeded by hearing loss. On the other hand, one of the best things you can do to improve your relationships is to get the treatment you need. Let’s consider some of the effects of untreated hearing loss on building trust and love with others, as well as the way that hearing aids can restore those close relationships. 


Building Trust through Communication


When we are building a relationship with someone else, trust is a crucial component of closeness. In community relationships with strangers, business partners, or neighbors, we need to know that our expectations will generally be met. We use communication to establish what we hope to happen, and then we live our lives in trust that others will follow through on their commitments. Broken relationships often have to do with broken trust at some level. Our closest relationships also thrive on trust. Hearing loss can get in the way of establishing trust. When we have an expectation, we need to verbally communicate our needs and desires. Without the basic ability to express these things in conversation, we are unable to meet others’ needs and to have our own understood and respected. Some people are better at communicating their expectations than others, but hearing loss can be a fundamental barrier in the process of communicating needs. 


Expressing Love through Communication


We can show our love for others in countless ways, including acts of service, gifts, physical connections, and quality time spent together. In addition to these other ways to show and receive affection, words of affirmation are a powerful way to express love. Simple words that express praise, respect, and admiration for others are a great way to show love. Hearing loss can get in the way of this communication, as well. When you need to express affirmation for others, hearing loss can get in the way of that person understanding how you feel. If you are the person with hearing loss, you might feel a lack of love due to the inability to communicate with others and to hear how they feel. 


Hearing Aids and Improved Relationships


At these fundamental levels, hearing aids can help restore the sense of trust and love in your relationships. Whether in a casual comment at home, a deep conversation with a romantic partner, or a simple conversation out and about in your community, we use verbal communication to build these crucial aspects of our relationships. 


If you are concerned about the health of your relationships, getting a hearing test is a simple action you can take. When you have a diagnosis of your hearing needs, our hearing health professionals can recommend the right hearing aids to improve your communication and your relationships, as well. 


If you have a loved one in need of hearing assistance, take this opportunity to encourage a hearing test. You will be able to better communicate your expectations and to express words of affirmation that are necessary for the health and wellbeing of your relationship!