Hearing Aid Batteries

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Hearing aids are an important investment in your health. These instruments provide ample support for millions of people who experience hearing challenges. Receiving your hearing aids and learning about them in an exciting time. Your hearing healthcare provider will walk you through how to operate your device and get the most from your hearing aids. In addition to learning about hearing aid settings, useful maintenance routines, troubleshooting tips; understanding your hearing aid battery is also helpful. The battery is what powers your device and knowing more about it can help you ensure your device is working optimally to meet your hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Batteries

What type of batteries do I need for my hearing aid?

All hearing aids are powered by disposable batteries or a rechargeable battery. Unless you have a rechargeable hearing aid, your device uses disposable batteries. Hearing aid batteries are categorized by color and number, allowing people to easily identify the battery they need:

  • Size 10: Yellow
  • Size 312: Brown
  • Size 13: Orange
  • Size 675: Blue

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, you will receive your hearing aids which will be programmed with specific settings to meet your hearing needs. Your hearing healthcare provider will also let you know which batteries you need (size and color).

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

You are likely wondering how often you need to change your batteries. Hearing aid batteries typically last 5 - 7 days and there are factors that inform the longevity of batteries. How long they last depends on the type of hearing aid (some require more or less power), size of battery, and the types of environments that the hearing aid is worn in. Another factor that impacts how long batteries last is the features that the device operates. Running various features (streaming services for example) and performing different functions requires more power which can drain batteries more quickly.

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